Sunday, October 15, 2006

Great Delhi Run

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Yay, I was there... running the 7km Great Delhi Run, part of the Hutch Delhi Half-Marathon event. Ok, so it took place in Delhi and not Gurgaon, but there were lots of Gurgaonites taking part. This is the only picture I took during our run, but do check out pre and post run pictures here.


Anonymous Suman said...

Hi ChandraChud,

I was doing a search on "Running Delhi" and found your blog. Glad to see you ran in the Gret Delhi Run. Wasn't it the most fun? I did too and I am so happy I was able to complete it. Did you run or walk? I'm out looking for fellow runners in delhi - such a rare species...

Checkout my pics at


5:15 AM  
Blogger Chandrachud said...

Hey Suman,

Yup it was fun... I ran most of the time but was forced to walk in between when I was tired / had to conserve energy :) I'm not really a Delhiite: I live in Gurgaon but I'm sure u'll be able to find lotsa ppl who run in Delhi. Will check funtinhead.. (U didn't like fountainhead?)

5:37 AM  

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