Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mungaru Male

When Skeeter from the venerable Daily Prophet deigns to tag GDPB, we have no option but to honour the call. But we do not like writing words, ergo we present some pictures from rainy days we have been duty bound to capture on cam. Here you go. But let us leave you with some rainy little titbits: a) 'Rainy Days' was an essay dictated to us by our 4th std English ma'am which we duly mugged up for the exams. b) Pakodas during rain are not really our thing. We much rather have bajjis/vadas with proper South Indian coffee. (Is this a real memory or just our imagination? Hmmn.) c) 'Rain drops keep fallin' on my head' has been our ringtone for some time and d) Fond as we are of Bangalore's monsoons, our favourite rainy place is 360 km to the west at Surathkal, where there is 'so much melancholy in the sky' and where we grew up through 4 rains in solitude. There! This picture? Wien aka Vienna. And the title? He he :).