Sunday, September 09, 2007

Streets of Gurgaon

Allo! Allo! to all the CityDailyPhotoBlog folks and our erstwhile regular visitors, all two of them :D. I trust you are all doing well.

GDPB is back for one final post. We disappeared without word but it wouldn't have taken you, our discerning viewer, much to figure out that we were no longer a denizen of Gurgaon. The prodigal son, well at least just the son, returned home to Bangalore for a while before moving again to his current address, Hyderabad.

We have finally found time to put together a montage of clips and photos from Gurgaon & Delhi, some of them previously posted on GDPB, and we present to you "Streets of Gurgaon". It's probably twice as long as anyone can bear, but if you do manage to sit through it, do let GDPB know what you think!

All rightie then people.
Buen suerte. Adios. Hasta la vista.
Good luck. Good bye. Till the next time.


p.s: No, there definitely won't be a HyderabadDailyPhotoBlog, at least not from us. But we do hope to return some day, with something really worth your while. Ciao.

Update: Chan now blogs, occasionally, and so far only on cricket, on his Live Journal.