Sunday, September 09, 2007

Streets of Gurgaon

Allo! Allo! to all the CityDailyPhotoBlog folks and our erstwhile regular visitors, all two of them :D. I trust you are all doing well.

GDPB is back for one final post. We disappeared without word but it wouldn't have taken you, our discerning viewer, much to figure out that we were no longer a denizen of Gurgaon. The prodigal son, well at least just the son, returned home to Bangalore for a while before moving again to his current address, Hyderabad.

We have finally found time to put together a montage of clips and photos from Gurgaon & Delhi, some of them previously posted on GDPB, and we present to you "Streets of Gurgaon". It's probably twice as long as anyone can bear, but if you do manage to sit through it, do let GDPB know what you think!

All rightie then people.
Buen suerte. Adios. Hasta la vista.
Good luck. Good bye. Till the next time.


p.s: No, there definitely won't be a HyderabadDailyPhotoBlog, at least not from us. But we do hope to return some day, with something really worth your while. Ciao.

Update: Chan now blogs, occasionally, and so far only on cricket, on his Live Journal.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mungaru Male

When Skeeter from the venerable Daily Prophet deigns to tag GDPB, we have no option but to honour the call. But we do not like writing words, ergo we present some pictures from rainy days we have been duty bound to capture on cam. Here you go. But let us leave you with some rainy little titbits: a) 'Rainy Days' was an essay dictated to us by our 4th std English ma'am which we duly mugged up for the exams. b) Pakodas during rain are not really our thing. We much rather have bajjis/vadas with proper South Indian coffee. (Is this a real memory or just our imagination? Hmmn.) c) 'Rain drops keep fallin' on my head' has been our ringtone for some time and d) Fond as we are of Bangalore's monsoons, our favourite rainy place is 360 km to the west at Surathkal, where there is 'so much melancholy in the sky' and where we grew up through 4 rains in solitude. There! This picture? Wien aka Vienna. And the title? He he :).

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just for Laffs

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bid or Buy

This is the terrace swimming pool at the hotel Bristol, Gurgaon. A 2-month membership costs INR 7300 including taxes. It so happens that I own one such membership that is one week old with seven to go. Due to certain reasons, I will not be able to use the pool starting Friday the 15th and wish to transfer the aforementioned to the highest bidder.

Some things you may want to know:
  • More photos (to be uploaded)
  • Pool depth - 4 feet to 7 feet
  • Timings - 0700 to 2100 hrs
  • Lockers, changing rooms, showers available
  • Fresh towels provided
  • Instructor present at times
  • Located in close proximity to a bar, a cafe, a restaurant and a pastry shop
  • Water clean at most times ;)
  • Eye-candy are there, lotsa pesky little rich kids too are there
The more important stuff:
  • Bidding closes at 1500 hrs Saturday the 16th
  • Reserve price - Rs.4000
  • Membership receipt may be collected from a DLF-Phase 1 address (to be notified)
  • Pay by cash only
  • Bidding using comments, queries too welcome
Let the bidding begin!

  • Membership officially non-tranferable but I have the management's kind consent to transfer mine!
p.s.: How many bucks that this won't work?!

Strike Me a Pose

Hola people. This is the first time I paid someone to pose for this blog! I guess I paid below market rates and the action was mildly exploitative (using almost-street kids for grabbing eye-balls). Hmmn, but what to do, I just did it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


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You don't have anything better to do, Mate?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lunch in 8 minutes

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Hola! GDPB returns to a food picture an incredible 5 months after its runaway Blogway hit "How to cook chicken biriyani." This time, we offer you the simple yet delectable dish avalakki, Bengaluru style. Soak poha in water for 5 minutes. In the meanwhile, dice 2 onions and as many chillies as you can handle. Heat oil. Throw in some mustard seeds, curry leaves. Watch out for oil spurting all over you. Fry the onion till it's golden brown, then the chillies for a bit. Add turmeric for colour. Drain the poha, add it to the pan. Mix with the stuff, adding in salt and lemon juice fresh from the lemon. We are rrready. If your kitchen is better stocked than mine, you could add separately fried groundnuts and coriander for garnish. Bon appetit!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Play Ground"

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@ IIT Delhi